I made a Pinterest account in the early stages of my graphic design course. And no, it wasn’t one of those personal Pinterest accounts with images of cute dogs and future wedding inspiration. Back at school the teachers told us to create an account that would serve as a visual diary. So yes, I’ve had a design Pinterest for a really long time but I wasn’t necessarily active.

It wasn’t until I got more serious about freelancing when I dove more into the social media realm. I was reading a lot of blog posts from other entrepreneurs on how important Pinterest was for their business. Sometimes 25-50% of their website traffic came from Pinterest. I KNOW… ABSURD RIGHT?!

Without really having a strategy I went from 350 to 14k views in just 1 month. After approximately two weeks I saw my Pinterest views increasing and I knew I was doing something right. From there on I became more aware of every little thing I was doing that resulted in my Pinterest views going up. Want to know how I did it? These are my tips on



You’ve probably heard this a million times already but one thing I did was pinning every day. Just like every other social media platform you have to post, or in this instance pin,  consistently. In a recent post I read that it is wise to pin at least 5 times a day and no more than 10. Although I got these great results while not following this particular rule – it might be wise to try them out to get even more monthly engagement.

Not keen on pinning every day? I personally love being on Pinterest every day but I heard you can use apps such as Tailwind to manage your Pinterest account. You can use it to schedule your pins and let it do the work for you.


Adding a description of who you are and what you’re doing makes your account look 10 times more professional. It also invites people to head over to your website.

The second thing you need to add is a short description of what you’re doing in your name. So for example my name is: Design by NJ – Branding and Website Design. This way, people know immediately what I do and what my account is about. 

And last but not least, add a (professional looking) photo of yourself. Do this instead of adding your logo or submark. This creates trust with potential clients because they see the face behind the business (screen). 

Pinterest views


After I optimised my account I searched for group boards to join. My own pins weren’t getting a lot of exposure. This was a great way to get them into the world. I used Pingroupie to find some graphic design group boards that resonated with me the most. You will find instructions on how to join a certain board in the Board’s description. After you’re in, you just need to save your pins in there and wait. One time my pin reached 8.4k Pinterest views.


Now hashtags are relatively new on Pinterest and I’ve only used them for 1 of my pins. They almost work the same as keywords which then remind me a lot of SEO keywords – The keywords you use for your website in order to be found by search engines. You could compare Pinterest to Google in a way. It’s just one big search engine but the only difference is that Pinterest is more visual. 

By using keywords people can find your posts. Find the most popular words by searching keywords in the search bar. When others search for these words they will easily find you.

Pinterest keywords hashtags


Vertical-oriented pins are eye-catching and take up more space than other pins which results in people observing them quicker. Simple as that 🙂

Long Pinterest pins


I doubted if I wanted to call this paragraph “Create a style” or “Create a cohesive account”. In the end I chose for the first one. I don’t believe your Pinterest has to look Instagram worthy. What I do want to say is that it’s probably in your favour to create a certain style. You want to attract your perfect client and you do that by creating a Pinterest style. Example: Let’s say you wouldn’t enjoy creating logos for corporate businesses. You’d rather create logos for female solo entrepreneurs. It’s a good idea to align your Pinterest with this ideal client. So in this case pin more feminine looking images.

Cohesive Pinterest account


In my opinion the most important thing is to stay active and to join group boards to engage with others and get greater exposure for your posts. Always keep in mind what you stand for and what type of client you want to attract.  O, and don’t forget to enjoy Pinterest, it’s an awesome platform full of inspiration (and cute dogs ;-)). 

I hope this blogpost was helpful to you and don’t forget to check me out on Pinterest.

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