Kaat centrum


De Koffer van KAAT, translates to KAAT’s suitcase, is a Dutch company that guides and supports children with or without additional needs. 

KAAT makes a difference by offering tailor-made guidance and support. KAAT does that by placing the emphasis on being different and by focusing on the possibilities within your environment.

KAAT needed an updated visual identity. Karen wanted a more modern look but couldn’t part with the existing font & colours since they meant a lot to her. We decided to breathe new life into these elements.

The primary logo uses a traditional typeface that has been slightly modified to have more straight edges, which gives it a more clean feel. It is combined with a sans-serif type that doesn’t take away from the personality of the bold typeface and adds a modern element. 

The icons in the logo represent every branch of the business. Rounded corners and simple design add to the friendliness plus makes sure they can be scaled in every possible way. At the same time, these icons serve as social media graphics.


Want to work together? I’m a solo entrepreneur, which means that we’ll work one-on-one to bring your project to life. My aim is to ensure that your project gets the attention it deserves and that you’re involved throughout the whole creative process.

Social media graphics

KAAT wanted to extend its visual presence online by making use of the Instagram highlights function. As a result, we decided to add social media graphics to use across various platforms. Each Instagram highlights cover features a custom illustration made for each branch of the business + additional subjects.